1. We had a big milestone for our little family last Sunday – we all went out for soft-serve ice cream! Up until now, it had been completely off-limits due to Joseph’s peanut allergy, but since he crossed the threshold for cross-contamination a few weeks ago, we were comfortable going and still alerting them of his allergy. The boys were SO excited to go and everyone enjoyed them so much; it was a perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day 😍

2. Have you had Morning Summit cereal? I put it on one of my Costco orders a couple of months ago and I am obsessed. It’s delicious and it keeps me full for SO LONG (unlike any other cereal I’ve ever eaten)!

3. I love the meme that keeps popping up about 2020: “This was supposed to be the summer of George!” (I love a good Seinfeld reference.) On that note, I’m loving this list of 20 Summer Activities You Can Do At Home.

4. A couple of weeks ago I saw someone ask in a FB group I’m in for suggestions on keeping on top of household routines. The one piece of advice that was repeated over and over again was to put a load of laundry in before bed using the “delay start” function and have it run so it finishes shortly before you get up. Come down, switch it to the dryer, and boom! It’s done after breakfast. I’ve been doing this (I had never used the delay start before) and omg, it is such a GAME CHANGER. I collect everyone’s dirty laundry while the kids are brushing teeth and getting ready for bed, and then in the morning I can fold the clean stuff after breakfast and head upstairs to get the kids dressed for the day and put the clean laundry away. I literally cannot express how much I love this system!

5. I am in love with this rounded v-neck tee and bought it in four different colors. So comfortable, light, and has a looser, breezy fit. Do you have a favorite piece of clothing you’re wearing this summer?

6. Have you tried the peach crumb bars from wayyyyyy back in 2009? They’re a cult favorite!

7. If you were a child of the 80’s (or even 90’s I guess!), did you read The Babysitter’s Club books? I LOVED them and just saw that Netflix made a series out of the books that’s dropping on July 3rd. I wish Isabelle were a bit older and we could watch together!

8. Did you see the story about Augie, the 20-year-old Golden Retriever? She just had a birthday and broke the record for the world’s oldest Golden Retriever. My favorite part of the story is that her owners adopted her when she was 14 years old ❤️️

9. We are still moving through Downton Abbey and sooooo into it! Glad that there’s a movie when can watch when we get to the end of the series :)

10. TGIF! Wishing you a great weekend!