1. Isabelle lounging on the side of a car with sunglasses and eating a popsicle makes me feel like she’s 16 already. She’s certainly acting like it lately! 😂😭

2. I feel like these two being born just one day apart makes them serious soul mates; they actually have super similar personalities! 😍

3. Joseph has officially ditched the training wheels! He wanted to try a few months ago and he was kind of scared and wobbly and asked for them back on. Then he wanted to try again a couple of weeks ago and he literally just took off… he was ready! The first few times, he wanted to ride with his hockey elbow pads and shinguards but then got rid of those, too. He’s so proud of himself and has been having so much fun.

4. Do you have any requests for September’s bake-along recipe? I have a number of ideas but I’m not particularly sold on any of them… share your suggestions in the comments below!

5. I remember when we were young, at the end of summer, my mom would start rolling back bedtimes a couple of weeks before school started so that we’d be ready. Well, our kids’ bedtimes don’t change in the summer and they get up at the same time in the morning but hoo boy, a couple of days ago I realized that we really need to reign back in our morning routine before school starts. Ever since we’ve been home, without the rush of having to get out the day, we really ease into our mornings, with the kids playing, not eating breakfast or getting dressed right away, etc. Need to get back on a routine!

6. Have you tried my quick and easy refrigerator dill pickles yet? They’ve been super popular this summer!

7. Unlocked another quarantine badge this week – I had my husband cut my hair! It had gotten so long (over 6 months since my last haircut) and I couldn’t take it anymore. He did a great job! 😍

8. This is so true >> How Covid-19 Killed America’s Favorite Diet. I’m not one for diets but I definitely DID eat way more bread than usual when quarantine started!

9. And on that note, it seems so surreal to me that we’ve gone from cold and snowy early March when quarantine began, all through the spring and now almost done with summer, on the cusp of fall and school starting in this strange limbo-like state. Earlier this week I was cleaning out my closet and found the kids’ swim bag, which had been packed with mine and Isabelle’s suits and towels, ready for her lesson the day before everything shut down. It was like looking at a time capsule, just so crazy.

10. TGIF! Lazy dog days of summer…