1. Isabelle is quickly becoming the little boss lady of our house, she is a total hoot. When we sit at the table and eat, she sings songs (ABCs, twinkle twinkle little star, etc.), we all clap, and she puts her hand in the air and says with a big smile, “thank you! thank you!” I seriously die… where does she even get it??!

2. Dominic is still obsessed with weather and outer space… he’s determined to be an astronaut! He’s so quirky and funny, recovers quickly when he gets upset and just wants to be with his people ❤️️

3. While Joseph starting kindergarten is bittersweet, he just loves learning so much that I’m excited for him to get back into school; I know he’s going to just soak it up and love it!

4. I plan on buying up all of the Ina Garten spatulas from this collection!

5. I saw this on Instagram and just reading it gave me a sense of peace and calm. I would delete “August” and it’s perfect for any day, every day ❤️️

6. Who has made the croissants for the August Bake-Along challenge? I’ve received a bunch of pictures via email; they’re looking fabulous!

7. I’m feeling super inspired by Diane’s comment on The Weekend Dish about prepping breakfasts; what types of things do you keep prepped and stocked in your freezer?

8. My 10 day forecast shows a handful of days in the 70’s and I am elated. This has been one of the hottest summers that I can remember and I am DONE with it. Bring on the fall weather!

9. Fantastic tips on how to organize ANY freezer!

10. TGIF! Smiles from Judith!