1. It was a really, really big week for Joseph… he “graduated” from his peanut oral immunotherapy program! We did a final challenge that confirmed he can now free eat peanuts, peanut butter, etc. That means he will be required to eat a minimum amount each day but can have more if he wants and will have blood work done every 6 months to check IgE levels. He is still considered allergic, but desensitized; his doctor said it can take 2 to 5 years for the numbers to come down completely and pass a skin test. He has also reached cross-contamination safety with cashews and pistachios, which opens up basically an entire world of possibilities in terms of eating. It just feels so surreal that we’ve reached this point; we’re still always nervous, but we have so much more peace of mind.

2. Isabelle is squeezing in every last drop of warm, sunshine-y bubble-blowing weather that she can. Also, why is my two-year-old 6 feet tall?!

3. Dominic loved his school easel painting project we did over the weekend, and he has started asking for school worksheets or homework when Joseph sits down to do his ❤️️

4. We’ve been doing tons of walking this summer and my old shoes are totally worn out, so I’m shopping for new ones. I’m not a runner, I just walk, either outside or on the treadmill… I’d love to hear some shoe recommendations if you are a walker, not runner! I had my eye on the Adidas Ultraboosts (I saw they were listed as a good walking shoe), but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

5. The comments on this post are guaranteed to brighten your day (and maybe give you some ideas on how to brighten someone else’s!) 💗

6. If you haven’t made them yet, be sure to put my Danish butter cookies on your baking list this year! They are popular year-round, but especially close to the holidays.

7. Since we’re heading into the cool weather season, I’d love to hear your favorite slow meals! Share them below in the comments, email me, whatever… looking for new ideas!

8. I started reading Atomic Habits and am not very far into it, but I am in LOVE with it so far! It talks about the notion of systems vs goals, which has basically blown my mind. Highly recommend; you can apply it to both work and personal improvement!

9. We finished watching Victoria, which seemed to end rather abruptly? Like they are planning another season? I couldn’t find a definitive answer when I did some searching. We’ve moved on to Upstairs, Downstairs (Hulu), which has a Downton Abbey vibe.

10. TGIF! Einstein used to sleep like this and I’d call it his “Superman” ❤️️