1. My sweet boys and this amazing light 😍 (And hooray for shorts and t-shirts in November!)

2. We had a stretch of absolutely beautiful weather here for the beginning of November and on Monday we were outside the entire afternoon from when Joseph was done with school until we went inside to heat up leftovers for dinner; it was great for all of us!

3. In related news, this girl is getting brave! She got to the top of the climbing wall twice, but stopped short of pulling herself onto the platform and wanted down 😊

4. Any suggestions on where to get Container Store-esque organizing pieces? We recently added more pantry space, so I’m wanting to get things set up and organized, but everything that I would normally get from the Container Store is sold out or backordered. Gah!

5. Love these tips on 5 Things You Should Be Seasoning With Salt – have you done any/all of them?

6. My peanut butter fudge recipe is already starting to get loads of traffic! Are you thinking about holiday baking yet? If so, what’s on your list?

7. When will you start decorating for Christmas? Last year, we put our tree up before Thanksgiving, but waited until after to decorate it and put up everything else. It sure was nice to have an extra week or so to enjoy the soft glow of the lights :)

8. Speaking of the holidays, what types of gift guides are you most in need of this year? Kitchen/home, kids, men, etc.?

9. Thank you to everyone who recommended The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix) – we watched it this week and really enjoyed it!

10. TGIF! Judith loved playing outside this week, too!