1. Yesterday was the last day of 3’s preschool for Dominic! I am so proud of this guy; he loved school, loved his teacher, and learned so much. And he looks so grown up compared to that first day in September ❤️️

2. Isabelle has been using the potty this past week!! We are not at full potty-trained status yet, but she’s asking to go, she actually does go, and oh boy, we are VERY excited at the prospect of finishing our 6+ year non-stop stretch of diapers very soon 💃

3. All of the kids have been so loving and wonderful with the dogs, which makes my heart so happy. Joseph has been sitting on the couch and petting Judith for the longest time and he always looks so completely relaxed.

4. Talk to me about air fryers… I’ve had multiple people ask me about creating air fryer recipes, but I don’t have one. Are they worth it?

5. The Best Pizzas in Every State… do you have a favorite??

6. If you need some dessert ideas for Mother’s Day, these are a few of my favorites for springtime special occasions >> Hummingbird Cake / Carrot Cake / No-Bake Banana Split Dessert / Angel Food Cake / Cream Cheese Pound Cake / New York Crumb Cake

7. I love following Clean Mama and she started a new series on her blog called “Simple Shortcuts”; I’ve really enjoyed her posts on meal prepping and morning routines!

8. Is anyone else getting excited to watch the Olympics? Give me all the gymnastics and swimming!

9. What have you been watching? We tried another show after we caught up on Yellowstone but lost interest pretty quickly, so now we’re back to catching up on seasons of Doc Martin on AcornTV.

10. TGIF! Judith wishes she could snuggle with everyone!