1. We hit another major milestone on Joseph’s allergy journey this week. (For those that are new, he’s been doing oral immunotherapy for his peanut, cashew, and pistachio allergies for nearly two years. He “graduated” from peanuts back in September.) He completed his final cashew challenge without any problems! We go back in two weeks for him to do pistachio (cashew and pistachio are the same protein so treating cashew has also treated pistachio, but we still do a separate challenge to make sure), and he is now on “maintenance” which means he eats a minimum amount of peanuts and cashews each day to maintain his desensitization. He will have blood work done every 6 months to monitor his allergy levels as it pertains to the individual proteins. This has been a process, but I’m so grateful this treatment has been available to us!

2. Isabelle has been obsessed with rhyming words ever since Dominic’s preschool class was working on it a few weeks ago. She’s actually fantastic at it! And she is SO excited to go to preschool in the fall :)

3. We had some fun with Dominic’s hair after a recent shower… I think it matches his personality perfectly! 😃

4. This meme is 100% accurate…

5. Earlier this week an Amy Grant song came on the radio and I was immediately transported back to grade school sleepovers. I’m not sure why that particular memory popped up, but I’m sure we probably rocked out to Amy Grant while we were all hanging out in our sleeping bags on someone’s living room floor. I also vividly remember that when it was time for lights out, we would all listen to our Walkmans (cassette tapes and all!) while we fell asleep.

6. Also, as a parent now, can I just say God bless all those dear parents that put up with living rooms full of giggling 8 to 10-year-olds? Saints, I tell you! I have so many wonderful memories of all those nights spent in sleeping bags on the floor, I’m so grateful.

7. It’s that time of year! Who’s going to keep the refrigerator bread and butter pickles in the fridge all summer?!

8. Great tips on how not to waste space in the fridge and freezer. I banished round containers years ago!

9. We started a new show a couple of nights ago – George Gently (on AcornTV). We like it so far!

10. TGIF! Duke wishes you a fantastic weekend!