1. I walked into Isabelle’s room a few days ago and found these two sitting with a blanket between them. They told me they were having a picnic ❤️️

2. Checking more boxes off of “doing normal life things” with a return to skating! 

3. Isabelle, instead of saying “today” when asking a question, says “on this day” and I can’t get enough of it. Instead of saying “Are we going swimming today?” she’ll say, “Are we going swimming on this day?” I adore it!

4. It has been A. WEEK. I’m going to sit on the couch with a massive Ina brownie tonight. I made a batch last weekend and froze nearly all of them; I think I’m stocked for the rest of summer!

5. Now that concerts are starting to come back, is there one that you’re dying to go to??

6. This was in a James Clear newsletter a couple of weeks ago, and it really struck a chord with me. It can be applied to nearly anything – work, a relationship, food, parenting, etc…

Author Gretchen Rubin on how to rebound from a mistake:

“Instead of feeling that you’ve blown the day and thinking, “I’ll get back on track tomorrow,” try thinking of each day as a set of four quarters: morning, midday, afternoon, evening. If you blow one quarter, you get back on track for the next quarter.

Fail small, not big.”

7. Are you cooking or baking anything special for Father’s Day this weekend? My husband loves lamb, so I’m making cumin and fennel-crusted roast lamb for dinner (along with mashed potatoes) and my father-in-law requested peach pie for dessert. The quintessential summer dessert!

8. Joseph saw SportsCenter for the first time a couple of days ago and thought the fact that he could see clips from so many different sports – basketball, hockey, golf, swimming, etc – all in one show was nothing short of magical. I loved all sports when I was little, so it’s a joy to see him interested and enthusiastic about them! 

9. I cannot WAIT for the return of Yellowstone! Literally on the edge of my seat!

10. TGIF! Judith misses her people when we’re not all home and lays against the garage door waiting for everyone to get home 💖