1. Joseph got to check out a library book at school for the first time last week and was SO excited about it! He sat down and read to Dominic and Isabelle while I cooked dinner ❤️

2. Isabelle has had two back-to-back miserable colds; my husband wanted to get her flowers to cheer her up and it absolutely made her day! Before she went to bed, she asked to hug her flowers, then said, “good night flowers, you’re so pretty, I love you so much” 💖 

3. This really speaks to the idea of creating habits and routines instead of goals set in stone; I love that shift in mindset >> You Can’t Change Your Life Until You Change Your Life

4. An update to my cereal post last week – I grabbed a box of Great Grains (raisin/date/pecan version) and it was delicious! I have Basic 4 in my order for this week; I remember eating it maybe when I was in high school? I didn’t realize that they still make it! 

5. Yesss, I have always adored puzzles! >> Jigsaw Puzzles Can Improve Your Quality of Life More Than You Realize

6. If you’re thinking about gifting homemade vanilla extract for the holidays this year, now is the time to get it started! 

7. While some of these practices might be a smidge difficult with very little kids, I love this idea of bucking against the mentality of being in a constant state of go, go, go >> Choosing Rest

8. For all of you shared my excitement leading up to the Ryder Cup… how exciting it was!! We had it on basically for 12 hours straight each day; the boys were so into it and we had so much fun watching together.

9. We watched the fourth and final season of Goliath over the last week and thought it was phenomenal. It’s on Amazon Prime; highly recommend! 

10. TGIF! BFF 💜