1. This girl 💖

2. Having a watch with a stopwatch means he can track his “lap” times around the driveway. Love his competitive spirit!

3. Since everyone here finally got over their sicknesses, we were able to celebrate Dominic’s birthday with our parents last weekend. When I asked him what he wanted on his cake, he said simply, “Sprinkles and a picture of our family.” I asked again a few different times to be sure he didn’t really want something else and, nope. That’s for sure what he wanted, and he was thrilled. This boy continually melts my heart ❤️

4. I went through some site statistics yesterday and found that, astonishingly, since I began the site in 2007, the top 10 recipes don’t include a single dessert! There is one sweet bread (Grandma’s Banana Nut Bread) in the top 10, but everything else is savory. Do you prefer to see desserts, savory items, or a 50/50 mix of both?

5. Good read >> Your Biggest Dreams Do Not Include a House Full of Stuff

6. What’s your favorite version of apple pie? For me, it’s hands-down, Dutch apple pie. Give me allllll the crumb topping!

7. Modern Mrs. Darcy is sharing newsletters that bring delight to her inbox. If you’re looking for somethings new, you might find something you like in her list.

8. Our house is excited that hockey season is here! Last year during the playoffs we started recording the games at night and watching them the next day with the boys while I’m cooking dinner and/or after dinner/before bed and we’ve resurrected that this week. It’s so fun to watch with them and see them get excited!

9. Did anyone else watch the latest Blue Origin launch with William Shatner on board? My rocket-loving kid and Star Trek-loving husband were enthralled 😊

10. TGIF! Snuggles with my girls 💜