1. We had pumpkin pie last weekend and when I was getting the kids’ pieces, I asked if they wanted me to cut it up for them. Dominic said no. I thought he was going to cut it himself with the fork… I was wrong 😂

2. The boys have played dek hockey this fall and I love that they fell into the same age bracket and could do it together!

3. The kids love when I was sheets because they jump into the cozy pile of blankets and pillows over and over and over and over again 😂

4. Who has a good system/method for cleaning a shower with ceramic tile? It is quite possibly the thing I dread cleaning the most in our entire house. I would rather scrub 10 toilets, hands down. Give me your solutions!

5. These massive coloring sheets look like so much fun! I might get one for the kids so I can color along, too :)

6. The kids are so excited to trick or treat this year! It will be Isabelle’s first time and she is READY!

7. This is a very Pittsburgh-specific recommendation, but if you live in the area, I have to rave about the Soergel Orchards’ Essential Box. They started doing these last spring during lockdown when people were avoiding grocery stores and products were scarce, and they still do them twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays). They put together a box with ingredients and instructions needed for 3 to 4 dinners, along with staples like milk, eggs, butter, apple cider (of course), a bag of apples, some other fruit and 1 or 2 veggies, and a dessert item. You can then add on other items they have available from their market and it’s a drive-through pickup during a 2-hour time window. I got a box last Friday and the meals have been so fresh and delicious. I love having exactly what I need for a well-rounded meal and not having to think about it! I receive their emails and not every box includes things that I think we would eat, but the one we got last week was a home run; we had BBQ pulled pork nachos with peppers and tomatoes, chicken marsala with pasta and broccoli, pork tenderloin medallions with butternut squash and applesauce, and balls of pizza dough from a local bakery and all the fixings for homemade pizza. We were huge fans this week!

8. Will you start listening to Christmas music when it hits the airwaves on Monday, or do you hold out? I love to make the season last as long as possible; the last couple of years we’ve put up our Christmas tree before Thanskgiving 🎄

9. One week from Sunday is the Yellowstone premiere!!! In the meantime, we’ve been watching Murdoch Mysteries and the second season of Manhunt.

10. TGIF! We put the fireplace on for the first time (this fall) last weekend and Judith was INTO IT 🤣