1. Wearing Halloween cat ears while eating a Halloween sugar cookie and some Halloween skittles… this girl was living her best life last week!

2. And this one has been all-in on watching college football on Saturdays (my husband and I have gotten into it more this year, too!)… he was watching Pitt play while holding a print-out of a Pitt football helmet, using it to root them on 😍

3. Dominic revels in the mornings that Isabelle has preschool and he gets one-on-one time! One day this week he helped my husband outside and yesterday, we read tons of books together 💙

4. I need this t-shirt!

5. How inspiring is this woman?! >> 105-year-old Louisiana woman sets world record in 100-meter dash

6. What is your very favorite Thanksgiving dessert??

7. Such a great mindset shift >> Everything is a Practice

8. November nostalgia is so real to me! Growing up, my grandfather’s family (who lived in Chicago and Wisconsin) always came for an extended visit around Thanksgiving. As kids, there was so much fun and excitement in getting to see relatives we would only see maybe one other time during the year. I can still remember so many sites, smells, sounds; it almost feels like yesterday ❤️

9. How insanely good was the Yellowstone premiere?! Usually when we watch TV at night, I multitask and work or crochet, but when we watch Yellowstone, I just cannot peel my eyes away from the TV, I get totally sucked in. I can’t wait for Sunday, but I really enjoy being able to binge as many episodes as possible in a row 😉

10. TGIF! Those two faces! 💜💜