1. When our parents come over, these three love sitting at the front window waiting to see them pull up. It melts my heart each and every time ❤️

2. We stocked a cooler with drinks and snacks for our delivery drivers and have been leaving it outside every day with a note to help themselves. I love doing this and the kids have gotten so into it! They love helping to restock it and when we get a delivery, they run to peek out the door and then come running to tell us that someone got a snack!

3. I finished the cardigan sweater I was making for Isabelle! It’s a bit big on her right now, but should fit her perfectly by next fall :) She was so, so excited about it! (I used these strawberry buttons!)

4. Does anyone have a carbon steel pan? I saw them mentioned in the latest Cook’s Illustrated issue I received this week; I’ve never used one and am thinking about adding it to my arsenal. Give me your thoughts!

5. I’ve mentioned before that we’ve ordered some things from Goldbelly since the pandemic began, and I just got an email this week that they are now offering Ina Garten/Barefoot Contessa desserts! I want to order her outrageous brownies to see how they compare to the ones I churn out in my kitchen 😉

6. Reindeer chow is calling my name; do you have a favorite easy Christmas candy?

7. If you’re looking to start the decluttering process, this is a great place to start >> 24 Things You Can Get Rid of Without Ever Missing

8. And on that note, if you’re looking for Christmas ideas that don’t add to someone’s “stuff”, this is a great list >> 99 Clutter-Free Gift Ideas

9. Okay first, Yellowstone… what a fantastic episode this week! I felt like it was BACK. We also watched Mystery Road (Acorn TV); it has two seasons and started a little slow, but we ended up really liking it.

10. TGIF! Judith wanted to be very involved in reading and Isabelle wasn’t so much into it 😂