Full Moon!

1. Did last night’s full moon make anyone as crazy as it made my puppy? He was in rare form, running around like a crazy man! Once my grandma got up in age, she developed some insomnia, and we finally realized it only occurred during full moons. Nuts! I took the photo above two nights ago – the moon looked so cool nestled behind some thin layers of clouds. I didn’t edit the photo at all, that’s straight out of the camera (I used my 70-300mm lens for the photo).

2. Duke is now 11 weeks old! Below are his 9-week, 10-week and 11-week photos. He’s starting to get some feathers on the back of his legs and his tail, but much of his body is still covered in puppy fur, which resembles lamb wool.

Duke at 9-weeks, 10-weeks and 11-weeks

He’s getting a little more adventurous out in the yard and is sleeping a little longer at night between potty breaks. We’re still working on house breaking and he wants to chew on everything. It’s a good thing he’s cuddly and cute :)

3. This week, we had 20 pine trees put in on either side of our back yard. It’s the first step in creating the private little oasis we dream about!

4. I’ve gotten back into doing crossword puzzles in the local paper over the last few weeks. I love crosswords! If you do as well, do you have a favorite source for puzzles?

5. I have had a jar of tahini in my pantry for weeks now with the intention of making some fresh hummus, but haven’t gotten around to it. This master chart by Shape magazine on different variations of hummus has inspired me:

The Definitive Guide to Homemade Hummus

What’s your favorite type of hummus?

6. I’ve been craving granola lately, so I’m going to bake up a batch today for snacking. What are your favorite mix-ins for granola? I usually do almonds, dried apricots and Craisins, but would love to change things up a bit!

7. I saw this on Picky Palate’s Facebook page yesterday… love it!

Raw food :)

8. Are you decorating your house for fall? I’d like to add some warm accents, I just haven’t figured out what yet. I’ve seen some beautiful mums lately and am thinking of picking up a pair to flank our front door. Aside from that, I have no ideas!

9. I am thinking of resurrecting the Unplugged section of the site and including “life” type updates, like maybe weekly puppy updates and random things along those lines. I also have a “Home & Garden” section lined up for things like house/decor updates, landscaping, gardening, fashion (maybe StitchFix updates?). These posts would not show up on the homepage, but the sections would be accessible from the navigation bar and if you subscribe via RSS or email, you would receive those updates as well. Let me know your thoughts! Are these things you would be interested in?

10. TGIF! It looks like we might be having sleepovers in Einstein’s bed!

Bed Buddies!