1. One night this week, the boys went upstairs to brush their teeth and get ready for bed… when I walked into Dominic’s room, I found him sitting on his bed, listening to his heart very intently with a toy stethoscope. It was the sweetest sight!

2. My in-laws gave Joseph and Dominic old child-size Steelers uniforms that my husband and his brother had when they were kids. Joseph is so into football right now and takes it very seriously when he puts on those pants, ha!

3. Judith is so unbelievably patient with the kids and they LOVE to snuggle her all day, every day 💜

4. I am still obsessed with Wordle and am hoping the New York Times acquisition doesn’t ruin it! If you like Wordle, but also like numbers, I recently discovered Nerdle… it’s basically like Wordle, but with numbers building an equation. It gives me a bit of a headache, but every time I do it, I’m pretty proud 😂

5. I’m devasted that the Billy Joel channel on SiriusXM was ended and replaced with… the Foo Fighters channel 😭 An absolute travesty.

6. This week we celebrated my husband’s birthday and when I asked him what he wanted for dinner and dessert that day, he went with a full-blown Greek menu. We had pastitsio for dinner and Greek custard pie for dessert!

7. Many of you may have heard of this already, but I recently heard about the Give Back Box. You simply fill any box with things to donate, print out a free label and drop it off at the UPS store or schedule a pickup. I love this idea and how easy it makes it to box up and donate things!

If you go into the website, you can also search for specific charities or causes that are looking for very specific items. For instance, I found one that specifically needs yarn for making blankets for veterans, so instead of just throwing my extra yarn in a random box, I can send it directly to a place that needs it. If you do a specific charity like that, you pay $15 for the shipping label, but gosh, I’m just in love with this idea!

8. What’s on your Super Bowl menu for Sunday? I haven’t figured it out yet!

9. We’ve been loving watching the Olympics with the kids, they’re enjoying it so much. The slope-style snowboarding has been the kids’ favorite so far!

10. TGIF! The most comfortable dog in the world…