Boy with black glasses sitting in a chair at a dinner table.

1. How did this kid get so grown up?! I swear I blinked and he became a little man!

2. This girl is LOVING kindergarten! She comes home every day excited to share her papers and practice words, rhyming, and whatever else they did that day. And after years of saying she wants to be a doctor when she grows up, she told me the other day that she wants to be a school teacher now ❤️

Little girl laughing.

3. Dominic received his third neuroblastoma vaccine injection this week and, whew! Three trips in three weeks was a whirlwind, but it’s done. He now has a five-week break before his next injection, along with his next set of scans that we pray remain clear of any disease 🙏🏻

Boy in a blue shirt and black glasses holding a video game controller standing on one leg and smiling.

4. I shared on Instagram earlier this week that I do not like warm cookies or brownies; I prefer both many hours later (or the next day!) when they’ve had time to cool and set. I think that’s probably a very unpopular opinion!

5. YES!! My grandma made pepperoni rolls all the time; they were a comfort food of my youth 😋 >> Pepperoni Rolls Deserve Nationwide Recognition

6. If you ever get coffee at Dunkin’, what do you usually order? I ran in for doughnuts last week but didn’t grab a coffee because I wasn’t sure what was good and I can’t just do plain black coffee, it’s too bitter for me.

7. I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with an article more >> It’s Time to Bring Back the 90’s Legal Thriller. I LIVED for these movies when I was in middle school and high school; I couldn’t get enough of the books and just loved the movies so much. I could probably still recite A Few Good Men I’ve seen it so many times!

8. Do you use chili crisp as a condiment? I’ve seen it suggested in a couple of recipes I have saved to try, but there are a million versions and I don’t want anything over-the-top spicy; do you love one you’d recommend?

9. I saw this week that there are big rumors that The Office is coming back, or being rebooted, and it might be the best television news I’ve heard in a very, very long time. I’m pretty sure that is the last show on TV that made me legitimately belly laugh; fingers crossed that the original cast returns!

10. TGIF! Again, Judith continues to prove herself as the coziest dog on the planet.

Dog laying on her side in a pile of blankets and covers.