1. Two things about this photo:

#1 – It looks like Duke is taking an oath.

#2 – How insanely HUGE is his paw?! It looks like I’m shaking hands with a lion!

2. Thank you for the sweet birthday wishes on Tuesday! You all are the best! I enjoyed a great day – a fantastic lunch with my Chief Culinary Consultant, and then the hockey game in the evening. It was perfect!

3. So, funny story. A few nights ago my Chief Culinary Consultant snapped a photo of me eating a baked potato while Duke and Einstein were begging. He showed me the picture and I was stunned – my left hand holding the fork looked totally distorted and weird. I was all, “oh my gosh, what am I doing?!” He proceeded to tell me that’s how I’ve held my fork since he met me and he always thought it was a little weird but never said anything. AGH! I looked like a cavewoman holding that thing! I immediately Googled how to hold silverware appropriately… oddly enough, I hold my knife the correct way, but for some reason the fork in the left hand was an issue. Thankfully, I have resolved the situation. Needless to say, I never learned how to walk with a stack of books on my head ;-)

4. Did you see this list on Buzzfeed? — 18 Songs From the ’90s You Grew Up Singing But Shouldn’t Have… Seriously! Most of these were popular when I was in the 11-16 age range, and my friends and I listened to just about every single one. Good God, parenting a teenage girl must be a serious nightmare. So much more perspective when you’re, you know, 34 as opposed to 15.

5. Lay some recommendations on me… what is your favorite Internet radio service (aside from Pandora)?

6. Ahhh, this is so true:

Camping schamping

7. Have any of you purchased clothes or swimsuits from Athleta? I just got a catalog in the mail and am digging a lot of the pieces. Wondering if the fit is good and if they use quality fabrics?

8. For some reason, I’ve been convinced for years that I didn’t like Cadbury Creme Eggs. Convinced, I tell you. Then, the other day I was standing in the checkout at the grocery store and there was a huge display of them, taunting me. So, I bought one. I ate it, and… I actually liked it. I guess I don’t hate them after all! I’ve confused myself.

9. As part of my birthday gift, my sister is going to teach me how to knit (along with outfitting me with some supplies) – yay! Do you have any patterns (for anything, really) that would be good for a beginner?

10. TGIF! Ahh, brotherly love…