Einstein stylin'

1. Einstein looks like he’s dressed up for Halloween as a fighter pilot, doesn’t he? Poor guy has a nasty ear hematoma (i.e. broken blood vessel in his ear that’s filled with blood and fluid) and they are trying some laser treatments in an effort to avoid surgery. I feel so bad for him :(  However, as you can see, he wasn’t the least bit phased by the treatment; he wagged his tail the entire time! He’s such a good sport.

Here he was as we were waiting to check out; the receptionist asked if she could take his picture from the other side of the counter because he looked so cute ;-)

I'm here! Give me a treat!

He loooooves the vet!

2. I’ve always had a bit of a hard time walking Einstein… He loves walks, but he’s easily distracted and will pull and jerk if he smells something or sees something interesting. I thought he dislocated my shoulder once when he was less than a year old! My Chief Culinary Consultant has been working with Duke and Einstein on walking together over the last few weeks, and on Monday, I did the impossible. I walked both dogs… together… by myself. No one ran away or got run over by a car, all of my joints remained in tact and I stayed upright the entire time. It’s so nice to walk them both together! They look so cute sashaying side by side :)

3. Thank you to everyone who left me jeans recommendations a few weeks ago. I went to the mall and tried on a bunch of different pairs, and the Gap curvy fit was perfect for me. I love them!

4. I’ve been a member of Stitch Fix for almost a year now, and my Chief Culinary Consultant knows how much I love getting my “fixes” each month. For my birthday last week, he got me a year of VIP Elite membership at Shoedazzle! I had never even heard of Shoedazzle before! It’s a little bit like Stitch Fix in that you fill out a style profile (geared towards shoes) and then on the 1st of each month, you get an email with a link to your personalized “showroom” with all of the shoes that a stylist has selected for you based on your preferences. You can buy any of them at a discount (and the VIP payment goes towards purchases), or browse for other styles. Returns are also free, so you can still do the whole try them on at home thing. THIS.IS.AWESOME. I am just as challenged at buying “out of the box” shoes as I am at clothes, so this is a perfect way for me to amp up my shoe wardrobe. Such an awesome present, my CCC is the best :)

I received my first shipment yesterday, and I selected these two pairs of shoes:


My summer shoe selection is looking better already!

5. Have you taken this Buzzfeed quiz yet? If you were ever a fan of Sex and the City, it’s a must! I got Smith Jerrod. (Yes, I’m still on a Buzzfeed quiz kick, which might have something to do with my need for #7 below…)

6. I’m sloooooowly dipping my toe in the Google Plus water. If you hang out over there, be sure to add me to your circles! I’ll be sharing content just as I do on Facebook; since the new Facebook algorithms are blocking a lot of content from news feeds, this might give us a better opportunity to connect!

7. Love this 29 Ways to Stay Creative graphic… a good reminder for when I hit ruts:

29 Ways to Stay Creative

8. Does anyone drink Bolthouse Farms juices? I keep looking at them at the grocery store, and wondering if they are worth trying? I try to do green smoothies, but sometimes I’m lazy and keeping a few bottles in the fridge for something quick to grab in the morning would be great. Are the juices fairly clear of added “junk”? I know the smoothies likely have a lot of added sugar, but wasn’t sure how clean the juices are.

9. I went to the eye doctor this week for the first time in maybe five years. I don’t wear glasses or contacts, but figured a general check-up would probably be a good idea. I got my vision tested (still better than 20/20!) and had an “eye health” exam; everything looked good *knock on wood*. I am 2-for-2 with the teeth and eyes this year!

10. TGIF! Hope you get to enjoy some play time this weekend!

Duke playing ball