1. Someone’s ear hematoma has returned. Major sad face. We’re currently treating it with cold compresses and giving it time to re-absorb on its own. It doesn’t seem to bother Einstein at all, but I’m making sure to give him extra snuggles; can’t hurt!

2. I saw someone Tweet this week that the girls of The Baby-Sitters Club would be 38-40 years old today. Whoa! I hadn’t thought about those books in probably decades… what a blast from the past. I devoured those books, absolutely loved them.

3. Last Saturday, I accidentally got myself sucked into a Dateline Saturday Night Mystery show. I’ve always been fascinated by murder mystery shows like that and I could not turn it off. Newlyweds, a bathtub, no motive… I had to find out how it ended!

4. Important question: is having an old-school pencil sharpener affixed to your house somewhere totally only a Pittsburgh thing, or is this done everywhere? My grandparents had a pencil sharpener attached to the wall going down to their basement. After my grandma passed away and my mom was in the process of selling the house, she went in and took it out and now it’s attached to my husband’s work bench in our garage.

I didn’t think anything of it until Pittsburgh Dad (a popular YouTube sensation here in Pittsburgh) tweeted a picture of a similar pencil sharpener last night and started re-tweeting pictures of followers who have similar old pencil sharpeners in their house somewhere. I totally thought this was only a “my family” thing (although, my husband’s family also has one), but maybe not!

5. I’m totally bummed that the season finale of The Americans was this week! It’s one of my favorite shows and now I have to wait for what seems like for-ev-er for it to come back. Summer TV is the pits! On the plus side, how good was that finale?! I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the next season already!

6. Does anyone else play Mexican train dominoes? My grandparents taught us how to play a couple Christmases ago, and now we’re all hooked! We brought a set to the beach with us and played in the evening, and we try to get all of our parents over to our house regularly to play big games. It totally brings out my competitive streak ;-)

7. I’m craving a massive cinnamon roll slathered in cream cheese icing. Perhaps a project for this weekend?

8. Are there any good mangoes where you live? They have appeared by the crateful at my grocery store, and on sale to boot, but they are just not any good. Most of them don’t look that great, and the couple that I’ve bought have had to be pitched once I cut into them :(  I’m dying for a sweet, juicy mango!

9. Do you have any exciting plans for the long holiday weekend? Not too much here, except maybe some grilling, flower-buying, and fire pit s’mores eating!

10. TGIF! Have a fun and safe weekend! (Duke and Einstein will be doing their usual laying around… naturally.)

Brotherly love