1. Einstein got his blood work back last week and everything was completely a-okay. No problems whatsoever, which means he’s basically getting old, his metabolism is slowing down, and he’s packing on the pounds. So we’re cutting back his food and making sure he gets plenty of exercise. We’ll check his weight again in another month or so, and if still isn’t budging, then we’ll look at a special diet. He’s still happy as a lark :)

2. I mentioned last week that we were meeting with a trainer this week for Duke, and we had a great first session. It really was sort of like watching The Dog Whisperer, which is to say, we actually need the training. The trainer observed Duke and saw that he doesn’t really have a dominant personality, but rather is a bit anxious and fearful, which is at the root of a lot of his behavior. He worked with us on some walking techniques (he recommended the Gentle Leader, which many of you echoed last week – we used it at the session, and it WAS like night and day!), and he gave us some tips to make fearful experiences more positive for him. We’re going back next week for another private session.

(Einstein was with us, too, but the trainer decided working with just Duke was best, so Einstein got to spend the hour in the “geriatric daycare group”. HA! We’re pretty convinced he napped the whole time.)

3. I discovered a new-to-me blog this week, Love Grows Design, and I just love it. The author is a graphic designer, but her blog posts are applicable for anyone in the blogging, social media, project management realm. Great read!

4. I am 16 weeks pregnant this week! Moving right along, still waiting for a legit pregnant belly!

16 Weeks!

5. It’s the middle of summer and I’ve been craving cheesy pasta for the past week. I’m not sure if this is due to pregnancy or the unseasonably (yet utterly fantastic) low temperatures. I’d be totally fine with an August made up of nothing but mid-70’s weather. I’m the girl that’s always yearning for crisp fall air, jeans and hoodies in the middle of July. I’m so close to getting my wish!

6. I really need to learn how to do my hair like a grown-up (i.e. styles other than “blow dry and leave down” and “ponytail”) – this messy top-knot tutorial seems like an easy starting point.

7. Dear Mom, this one’s for you. Love you! xo


8. We’re still watching Tyrant, but it’s rapidly approaching jump the shark status. I mean, really?!

9. Yesterday, I got my official invites for this year’s fantasy football league and survivor/elimination pool. I’m ready!!

10. TGIF! I hope you whoop it up, Duke-style!