There is no Weekend Dish this week, as you might have noticed there were no new recipes posted, and I haven’t done any blog surfing. This week, sadly, we had to say goodbye to my Grandma. She passed away suddenly, in her sleep, early Monday morning. Even though she was 91, it took us all by surprise. She wasn’t sick and didn’t have any long-term ailments. I had been away for two weeks (and still in Florida) when she passed, and am so thankful that I made time to go and visit her the day before I left. She was an amazing woman, the best grandmother, and will be missed tremendously by so many. I wish I had been able to sit down and go through every single recipe of hers with her, but now I’ll tackle them by trial and error. I look forward to sharing many of her favorites with you, as she loved nothing more than feeding those she loved, watching them enjoy the food, and always prodding whoever she was feeding to eat more.

My grandma hated to have her picture taken, so unfortunately I don’t have too many. The one above is from this past Christmas, and this is her and I on Christmas in 2005:

When we were growing up, my Grandma never liked dogs. Apparently, it was always a point of contention between her and my grandfather (who was a huge animal lover). However, in the last handful of years she began to soften, and then she absolutely fell in love with Einstein. They were buddies – she loved him, and he was protective over her. I love this picture of them:

While we all naturally feel she left way too soon, I know she is at peace, reunited with my grandfather and probably exchanging political jabs with my Dad. I love you Gram. xoxo

(Posting should be returning to normal next week, and I will be slowly catching up on comments and emails. Thank you all for your patience.)