Fresh Strawberry Tart

This week’s selection came from Marie at A Year in Oak Cottage, and it was a perfect pick to top off four days of 90-degree plus weather. Nothing screams summer quite like strawberries! This recipe was described by Dorie as a rustic type of tart, with strawberry jam spread on the tart and each person piling on as many strawberries as desired from a big bowl served in the middle of the table.

More about the tart after the break…

I was able to cheat a little this week as I still had some sweet tart dough leftover from the Fresh Orange Cream Tart that I stowed away in the freezer. I thawed it and it was just enough for three mini tarts, giving me a great excuse to use my new gifts from my recent gift exchange. Again, this was a fabulous tart crust, sweet and buttery with amazing texture – the perfect vessel to hold strawberry jam topped with fresh strawberries.

There isn’t a complicated recipe to this, just one recipe of the sweet tart dough (which you can find in my Orange Tart post), and use whatever berry combination you like! Change up the jam and berries to suit your tastes. One thing is for sure – your tart won’t last long! This is a great dessert for any summer day (or night)!