The 15 top bestsellers for October!

I love to share our favorite things every month – toys and games my kids enjoy, and items we use frequently around the house – as well as seasonal gift guides because I LOVE to see and hear about what other people are using and loving and I thought you might like the same :)

Here are the bestsellers from October, the things I shared that you all loved the most:

  1. Large Silicone Dough Mat – I LOVE having a big dedicated silicone mat just for rolling out dough and the one I have has the measurement markings both along the edges and in circles in the middle, perfect for pies and pizza dough. Can’t recommend this enough! (Currently 50% off)
  2. OxiClean White Revive Laundry Whitener – I just started using this and it’s a total game-changer for whites! I’ve long used regular OxiClean on mixed loads of laundry, but the white revive is next level. Highly recommend!
  3. Chip Clips – This pack of 16 clips has outrageously great reviews on Amazon.
  4. 4-in-1 Veggie Chopper – The veggie chopper everyone swears by! It can dice small and large, spiralize, and slice ribbons. (Currently 40% off)
  5. LCD Writing Tablet for Kids – This was gifted to Dominic last year when he was first admitted to the hospital and he and Isabelle have used it nearly every day since it entered our house. Writing letters, drawing pictures, simple addition problems, tic tac toe, they use it for everything. A huge, huge hit here.
  6. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask – I’ve had this in the past and LOVE it!! It feels so luxurious and it moisturizes lips so well.
  7. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K – We have one of these for each of our TVs… makes streaming so easy!
  8. Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner – A fantastic, hands-off cleaner that gets rid of limescale and mineral buildup in the dishwasher by using it once a month.
  9. Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner – I’ve been using this for well over a year now; it’s great at cleaning up any residue and preventing odors.
  10. Affresh Coffee Maker Cleaner – Yet another monthly task made easy; this can be used with traditional coffee makers, as well as single-serve coffee makers (we have the Breville Precision Brewer, which allows you to brew a full pot or a single cup).
  11. Safer Home Indoor Plug-In Fly Trap – You can plug this into any outlet and the UV light attracts insects; trapped insects are hidden in the back. Flies and fruit flies are my nemesis and we ARE still catching them!
  12. Barney Butter Crunchy Almond Butter – I discovered this years ago and put it on nearly everything, it has great flavor and great crunch. I go through it so much I have it as a Subscribe & Save item on Amazon!
  13. Gimme Beauty Hair Ties – My go-to! And now I buy them for Isabelle too. I love that they never get stuck or tear your hair.
  14. Nordic Ware Loaf Cake Keeper – This countertop airtight container has a snap-on lid and would be so much better than wrapping quick breads or loaf cakes in tons of layers of plastic wrap!
  15. Affresh Garbage Disposal Cleaner – Everyone wanted to get the appliances spic and span this month! This removes odor-causing residue from your garbage disposal. Simply turn on the water, drop a tablet in, run the garbage disposal for 15 to 30 seconds, rinse, and done.

I’d love to hear about your favorite finds this month in the comments below!