Three kids dressed up for Halloween as Donkey Kong, Bingo, and a pirate.

1. The kids were soooo excited to celebrate Halloween and go trick-or-treating! This year we had Donkey Kong, Bingo (from Bluey), and a pirate. They had so much fun, but it was freeeeezing and they didn’t want to stay out quite as long as in years past.

2. And then the next morning, we saw our first snow flurries of the season! I know many people don’t like the snow, but I just absolutely love it. The kids were so excited, too :)

3. Dominic and I are finishing up a New York trip today; he had a PET scan yesterday morning, his fourth neuroblastoma vaccine injection yesterday afternoon, and an MIBG scan this morning. It’s his first set of scans since completing active treatment and moving on to the vaccine trial. As of writing this, we don’t have any results yet, but pray that the scans remain clear of any active disease.

Little boy smiling at camera, standing over a board game.

4. Last week, I volunteered at the school book fair and just so happened to be there when Isabelle’s class did their shopping. She was so thrilled! I also noticed that a lot of the older kids carrying Stanley water bottles had these little straw cover cap toppers on them. So smart! I shy away from open straw tops because, well, germs, plus I knock my water over and then it gets dirty, I have to wash it, etc. The toppers are a great idea (perfect stocking stuffers, too)!

5. Love this >> How to Fall in Love With Your Life

6. Sunday is National Donut Day; if you’ve never tried your hand at homemade Krispy Kreme doughnuts, this is the perfect excuse!

7. I finished reading The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek yesterday; it was a wonderful, fascinating book, highly recommend it! A friend lent me Happy Place after hearing how much I liked Book Lovers, so I started that right up; loving it so far!

8. This is great advice:

9. Tell me your favorite movie of all time… it’s been so long since we’ve watched a movie (I think the last one was Maverick, but I can’t even remember one before that!); I’d love some inspiration!

10. The biggest sweetheart…

Dog laying across a set of stairs.