Say hello to Isabelle Adele, who joined our family on Friday, April 6th at 9:26am.

She weighed in at 7 pounds 10 ounces and was 20 inches long; she is nothing but pure sweetness and her brothers are already madly in love with her.

This was a scheduled c-section, so I’m pretty sore and moving slowly, but feeling better each day. It was, though, the least stressful birth of the three!

Joseph is absolutely smitten with her and wants to kiss her, sit next to her, and help however he can. Dominic is very curious and likes pointing out her nose, ears, hair and toes, ha!

Life here with two toddlers, a newborn, and a mommy who can’t move around so well or pick anyone up but the baby is chaos at best, but there truly is no place like home 💖

I’ll be getting caught up with emails and comments over the coming days and will have some recipes for you starting again next week. Thanks for your patience as I take time to love and snuggle all of my babies in these early days!