Brown Eyed Baker Favorites: March 2017

Happy Thursday to you!

I’m back with another installment of my favorites. It’s been a few months since I posted my last favorites post, and then we had holiday gift guides (has it really been more than three months since Christmas already?!)… I’ve found some great new things in the meantime, so here we are!

I separated this list out into two different categories – food and home/beauty. There are a handful of products in each section that I’ve been loving… hopefully you’ll find something new to love, too!

Food Favorites

BurgaBox – This is basically like Blue Apron on burger steroids, and IT. IS. FANTASTIC. You can pick out the type of burger you want, as well as side dishes (HIGHLY recommend the garlic parm fries!), and they deliver everything you need to make the meal. My husband raved about how fantastic the burger was

Special Offer: BurgaBox is offering Brown Eyed Baker readers $15 off “The Hot Mess” box (this is one that we had!). Just enter the code BROWNEYEDBAKER when you checkout!

ButcherBox – This is the third time I’m mentioning ButcherBox, because I’m still love, love, loving them! This monthly delivery service features high-quality meats from small grass-fed farms; everything is incredibly fresh and packaged perfectly.

Special OfferSign up here by April 5th, 2017 and receive TRIPLE the bacon (three 10-ounce packages) free with your order.

Cook’s Illustrated Dolstop Bibimap – I had saved this recipe from a recent issue and finally tried it a few weeks ago… this Korean rice bowl is PHENOMENAL. It’s my husband’s new favorite meal and we’ve eaten it every single week since. I haven’t blogged about it, but you can find the exact recipe on Cooking with Sheila.

Cravings – So I’ve talked about this cookbook every chance I’ve gotten, but I couldn’t do a favorites post without mentioning it… it’s the best cookbook I’ve purchased in a long, long time. Every recipe not only looks and sounds amazing, but actually IS. Highly recommend!

Dutch Baby Pancakes – That cookbook is what brought Dutch baby pancakes into our life, and we can’t believe we’ve lived our entire lives up until this point not eating them. Well, we’re making up for lost time, that’s for sure!

Oakmonter – This cake, OMG. You can see this cake in every one of my birthday pictures from the last handful of years: 2017/ 2016 / 2015 / 2014 / 2013 (AHEM, please note how much younger, fresher and well rested I look in my pre-baby pictures, OMG, but those boys are worth every under eye circle)… It comes from a local bakery (Oakmont Bakery) and is a layer of cheesecake, fudge icing, chocolate cake, then covered in milk chocolate frosting and decorated with fudge icing and whipped cream. It’s my only birthday request every year and it is utterly amazing.

Triscuits – Is this 1992 and am I 80 years old? My husband and I have been on a Triscuit bender for well over a month now. My lunch of choice is currently smoked turkey and sharp cheddar on Triscuit crackers. They’re so much better than I remember them!

Home & Beauty Favorites

The Home Edit Instagram Feed – These ladies are professional organizers and their photos are so inspirational! It’s what finally got me off my butt to organize my pantry! Follow them here.

The Container Store – Pittsburgh recently got one of these stores and I may have made umpteen visits while reconfiguring my pantry, and it’s pretty much totally addicting for anyone who loves to organize.

Gap Curvy Jeans – I had a pair of these jeans pre-Joseph pregnancy and when I went to get another pair last year, it looked like they had stopped making them. I was so bummed! However, I was doing a little online shopping last week and saw that they are back! I hurried up and ordered a pair. If you’re a fellow pear shape and have trouble finding jeans that fit, give these a try! (I was disappointed to find that my beloved matchstick jeans from JCrew are NOTHING like the pairs I had from a number of years ago, wahhhh!)

Q: What are you loving right now? Do you have favorite products you’ve found recently? Lay ’em on me in the comments below!


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