We’re still rolling in ham, lamb, potatoes and dinner roll leftovers here, and while I’m still gobbling them up, I wanted to share pictures from our holiday weekend!

It looks very convincingly un-holiday-ish because aside from Sunday we really had a very low-key couple of days at home. My energy is waning, my feet are swollen, we didn’t have any big egg hunt, I forgot to buy WHITE eggs for coloring (doh, organic brown eggs!), and so we all just relaxed and enjoyed time together at home. We had Easter dinner at my mom’s house with my in-laws and grandparents; we all had a fun day and the boys came home with tons of bunny treats.


Kicked off the weekend on Friday with curbside pickup at the grocery store because, at nearly 39 weeks pregnant I was not about to brave the grocery store on Good Friday afternoon. It’s less than a 10-minute drive, but Joseph had apparently been worn out by his swim lesson and lunch!

When he falls asleep in the car and then gets woken up, he is… rather unpleasant, to put it mildly, HA. Re-entry takes awhile and he eventually just laid down on the kitchen floor.

Joseph is madly obsessed with cars right now… my husband went to the auto show back in February and brought home some brochures and Joseph asks to read them almost every day. He knows nearly every make of car and some models, too. He’s at such a fun age!

We got a new entryway rug and I am IN LOVE with it! The boys are, too – it’s so soft and they’ve been bringing their dump trucks and cars to run along the “track” designs in the rug. [It’s this one from Wayfair.]

I was officially 39 weeks on Sunday, only a few more days now!

We spent some time on Saturday put the finishing touches on the nursery, I washed all of the old swaddling blankets and car seat fabric, the swing and bouncy seat are washed and put back together, and we are officially ready!

Aaaaaaand yesterday morning we woke up to FOUR inches of snow, what?! This was the view from our bedroom window…

It may have actually been the most gorgeous snowfall of the season, but it was totally and completely melted by dinnertime, which was kind of insane.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend that was full of time spent with loved ones and lots of delicious food!