1. Joseph says Happy Friday! He’s had a busy week – he’s been up on his hands and knees rocking like he’s riding a horse and reaching up and grabbing the top of the pack n’ play and trying to grab the top of the crib. I feel like there’s an awful lot of baby proofing and mattress lowering that’s going to be necessary soon!

2. I love Ina! >> 21 Times Ina Garten Was More Iconic Than Anyone On Instagram

3. Ugh, I just hate the Cecil the lion story :(

4. I’m never awake late enough to watch Jimmy Fallon, but I love seeing clips of some of his stuff. I’m not a huge Tom Cruise fan, but this lip sync battle was awesome.

5. Google is now adding the busiest times to business’ profiles in search results so you can possibly avoid long lines at peak traffic times. Love this!

6. I’ve talked before about how I’d love to do a big cross country road trip at some point in the future, and I love seeing different maps for such trips. I just came across a map that details trips for each of 12 classic books about cross-country travel. So cool.

7. I have a hands-down favorite vanilla frosting recipe that I’ve loved for years now, but I’ve yet to decide on my favorite chocolate frosting. There are so many different types of recipes – cocoa powder, melted chocolate, a combination, melted butter, Ovaltine… I’ve tried them all and liked them, but never tasted them side-by-side. I’m thinking of having a thrown down-style taste testing similar to the one I had for chocolate chip cookies a few years ago to come to a decision once and for all!

8. Is it awful that I’m already kind of craving hot chocolate? Don’t kill me.

9. On an opposite note, I have yet to churn any homemade ice cream yet this year… I’m WAY overdue. Any flavor requests??

10. TGIF! I hope you find a sun-drenched comfy spot to spend your weekend!

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