Joseph getting some sun!!

1. This little guy seems to grow by leaps and bounds every single day. He’s big on repeating right now, so we’ve taught him some animal sounds… he loves snake “tssssssss”, cow “mooooo” and monkey “hoo hoo hoo”. He gets ridiculously excited every time he makes the noises, it’s so adorable :)

2. I keep seeing horror stories on Facebook about people with kids dealing with daylight savings time. Knock on wood, we haven’t really had any issues here. Joseph has been going to bed a little bit later, maybe a half hour? BUT, he’s sleeping at least a full hour later in the morning… I’ll take it!

3. Are you yay or nay on rice cakes? I’ve always really liked them, and my grandma did too. I don’t even like the flavored varieties – just the plain rice cakes! Sometimes I’ll spread peanut butter or Sunbutter on them, delish! I handed one to Joseph the other day for a snack and he nibbled away like a champ.

Joseph munching on a rice cake

My mom accused me of feeding him tasteless cardboard ;-)  She is firmly in the NAY camp!

4. I had my first recipe video made this past week! I kicked it off with my mom’s legendary Italian salad dressing:

5. It wouldn’t be fall without a new Ina Garten cookbook, right?! Pre-order, done!

6. Another week, another great article about the Pittsburgh food scene, this time in the NY Times >> Pittsburgh’s Youth-Driven Food Boom.

7. Have you seen the video about Smiley, the blink therapy dog? Absolutely melts my heart.

8. Did you fill out a March Madness bracket? We do a league with my husband’s friend’s family (just for fun), and I’m hoping to do better than I did last year… I finished in last place. Womp womp :(

9. Did you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day yesterday? Tell me what you ate!

10. TGIF! I hope you have a sunny weekend!

Joseph and Einstein hanging out on the deck