Joseph testing out the chair for his little brother's room!

1. The chair came in for the new nursery and Joseph decided to give it a test drive… he gives it two thumbs up! Joseph has been such a great little brother, giving Einstein pats on the head and blowing him kisses when he goes upstairs for a nap or bedtime, even putting some toys near him or sharing snacks while he’s been laying in his dog bed. He’s such a sweet kid and I can’t wait to see him be a big brother!

2. We are pretty much status quo in terms of an Einstein update. We had our family over on Sunday and again on Monday and he was super perky, he seemed to love having everyone around. We’re just loving on him and giving him lots of attention and affection.

3. I have to give huge props to the company that makes the Help Em Up Harness – our vet recommended it when Einstein came home two weeks ago and we had it overnighted. It made helping to get him up and moving him around SO much easier. Their customer service was amazing, too – we had an issue getting it fitting correctly and the guy who designed it actually got on the phone with my husband and talked him through making some specific adjustments and modifications. Highly recommend if you ever need something like that (although I hope you never do!).

4. I can totally relate to this article about being a friend when you have little kids. Ugh.

5. Our nursery is starting to come together! The crib is assembled, the dresser is in, the chair is here, and I got most everything washed yesterday. We still need odds and ends, but we’re getting closer to being 100% ready. I bought some newborn diapers and when I unpacked them, I was startled at how incredibly TINY they are! Somehow I forgot how itsy bitsy Joseph was; compared to his diapers now, they look like a Kleenex!

6. Did you watch the Video Music Awards? I did not, but I saw some footage of Britney Spears and is it just me, or does it appear that she has not aged at all in the last 10 years?!

7. Halloween candy is all over the grocery store and Halloween stuff and pumpkin is all over my Pinterest home page – too soon? I guess we’ll need to start brainstorming Joseph’s costume for this year! He’ll have a wee little pumpkin sidekick too :)

8. Thank you again to all of you sent in your favorite recipes – so many amazing recipes that I’ve loved working my way through!

9. It’s officially football season! What are your favorite foods to serve while watching the game?

10. TGIF! This picture was taken a few weeks ago and I just found it on my camera card yesterday… such snuggle buddies. Love our furry boys ❤️

Duke and Einstein napping together