Dominic - 10 months old!

1. Dominic is TEN months old today! I have no idea how we’re already closing in on his first birthday, but each day he seems to grow up just a bit more. He started really clapping his hands this week; I had been working with him on it, but he did it totally on his own, in a fit of pure glee on Wednesday. We were in the bathroom with Joseph and I cheered for him using the potty. Dominic was sitting on my lap, got so excited and squealed and clapped like mad. Then I got excited about THAT, and he just kept going and going, ha! Ever since, he’s been clapping every time he gets excited, it’s so adorable.

2. We’re still trying to get Joseph on the potty regularly and sometimes he’s super enthusiastic about it, and sometimes he flat out refuses to go use it if I suggest it. We’re holding off on doing any potty training boot camp until he’s a little more consistent in his enthusiasm, but still getting him on there when we can!

3. And on a related, but different, note – I would love some ideas about what to feed a picky toddler. AHEM. Or just how to make some different foods more fun? He’s resisting a lot nowadays (including stuff he used to eat), and eating a lot of the same stuff all the time. Help me get creative!

4. I am in absolute and total awe of this carving… a giant lion was carved from a single redwood tree trunk and it took 20 people three years to do it. Seriously amazing!

5. Let’s talk jeans… I want to know your favorite pair!

6. I could not stop watching this video about a bread bakery in Montana; I want to go there!

7. If you’re on the unicorn bandwagon (or know a little girl who is), you’ll love this hooded afghan crochet pattern – super cute!

8. Did any of you give the no bake rosé cheesecake a try yet? If so, don’t forget to snap a photo, share it on Instagram, and tag @thebrowneyedbaker!

9. I can’t believe that the first preseason football game was last night! What are your favorite game day eats?

10. TGIF! I hope you can enjoy some sunshine with your favorite people this weekend!