1. This sweet boy turns THREE today!! I seriously cannot believe how quickly the last three years have gone, and how much of a little boy Joseph has become over the last six months or so. It’s been so much fun to see him learn and grow and develop his own little personality. We’re having his birthday party tomorrow and I will be sharing all of the details with you next week!

2. Can you believe I’m already in my 3rd trimester?! Each of my last two pregnancies has absolutely FLOWN by, it’s insane. I had to spend yesterday morning doing the 3-hour glucose test since I failed the 1-hour last week (ugh). I also failed the 1-hour with Dominic and went on to pass the 3-hour one just fine, so fingers crossed for the same result! Other than that, I’ve continued to feel really well with no complaints, other than the baby seems to like to kick REALLY HARD juuuuuust as I start to fall asleep at night. We still haven’t picked out a name, and still haven’t assembled the nursery… first step is for me to actually clean out the closet in what is now the guest room since it’s a catch all for all my wrapping supplies, the boys’ bins of clothes, and random seasonal decor. Baby steps :)

3. Speaking of the baby, I’m going to want to get some food into the freezer like I have the last two times, but I’m struggling with what to stash. Joseph was born in January and Dominic was born in October, which was very conducive to heavy, hearty foods like chili, soup, baked pastas, etc. I’m just not sure that I’ll want those types of food in the spring. If you’ve had a spring or summer baby, what types of foods did you want to have at the ready? Things like muffins and cookies are a given, but I’m thinking more in terms of meals…

4. I totally felt like my grandma yesterday… I don’t think she ever set an alarm in her life. She used to tell us that if she had to be up for something in the morning, she would just tell herself before she went to bed what time she had to get up and – POOF! – that’s when she would get up. I’ve never been so lucky, but I had set my alarm for 6:00am yesterday since I had to be at the lab for my glucose test at 7am. Well, I woke up yesterday, rolled over to check the time, and it was… 5:56am. I immediately thought of my grandma and figured she’d be pretty proud of me, ha!

5. This is crazy (and eye-opening!) >> What Happens To Your Body and Brain If You Don’t Get Sleep

6. My favorite roasted red potatoes recipe has been going bonkers lately… have you ever made them?

7. Loving this article on improving ourselves to death, which reminded me of the story I shared quite awhile ago – What If All I Want is a Mediocre Life?

8. I haven’t watched the Tonya Harding special yet… did anyone see it? I’m starting to get Olympic fever and I STILL remember that whole debacle unfolding!

9. Do you have any Valentine’s recipe-related requests? Let me know if there’s anything you’re dying to see!

10. TGIF! It’s been awhile now that the boys’ bedtimes have coincided, so we all go upstairs together and usually I get Joseph to bed while my husband puts Dominic to bed. Sometimes we switch off, but one thing is constant – Duke puts Dominic to bed, and I think they both love it :)