1. My gosh, Joseph has become absolutely hysterical lately… especially when we’re sitting down and eating our meals, he tells us the funniest stories! Sometimes he recounts things that have happened, and sometimes he makes up stories. I just adore his imagination and love seeing and hearing what a little boy he’s becoming. His sing-a-long spring program at school was ADORABLE – he was smiling the whole time, singing and doing the little hand motions. I’m so proud of the little person he’s becoming.

I’ve loved seeing Dominic’s personality really shine and blossom over the last few weeks. It’s been so interesting for me to see how different he is from Joseph (and similar in many ways – they both love routine and order!) and learn how to cater to his individual tastes. While Joseph was always very serious and liked quiet activities (reading books, building towers with blocks, etc.), Dominic much prefers to be active, silly and laugh. He LOVES to be chased and giggles non-stop, and thinks that scaring us with toy dinosaurs is the funniest thing ever. I’m so looking forward to getting back to swim class with him and also seeing how he likes music class this summer!

2. Isabelle is four weeks old today, and she’ll be one month on Sunday! She’s growing so nicely, is so sweet, and such a wonderful baby. I know I say this all the time, but she is truly an almost perfect baby! Yesterday was really the first day that she had some fussy fits, but I was able to calm her fairly easily. I love looking into those little blue eyes now that they’re open and so much more alert more often! Her looks keep changing; for awhile I thought she looked just like Joseph as a baby, and then Dominic, and now I feel like she’s just a mix or, more accurately, just Isabelle :)

3. Let’s talk laundry. For the longest time, I’ve done laundry twice a week, however since Isabelle joined our brood I feel like our laundry situation has exploded. Now there is an insane amount when I do it, so I’m thinking I need to switch to doing it more often. If you have multiple littles, how often do you do laundry?

4. Earlier this week I went on to Amazon and saw a huge ad for their deal of the day – boxes of Lindt truffles. They totally trolled me… I added them to my cart and then eventually “saved for later”. So tempting!

5. My Facebook feed has been full of Mother’s Day themed posts and videos (like this one and this one and this one), that I inevitably read while I’m feeding Isabelle in the middle of the night and, without fail, make me ridiculously emotional and teary-eyed. Whyyyyyyy do they have to grow up?!

6. Are you celebrating Cinco de Mayo this weekend? If so, check out some of my favorite Mexican recipes! –>

The Best Guacamole / Margarita Cupcakes / Tres Leches Cake / Copycat Chipotle Chicken / Copycat Chipotle Cilantro-Lime Rice / Restaurant-Style Salsa / Taco Dip / Beef Enchiladas

7. Okay, I tried drinking coffee… first, I tried black (bleh!)… then, I tried it with the Dunkin Donuts Extra Extra creamer (still just eh)… I couldn’t finish the cup, I just didn’t like it. Next I’m going to try the cold brew since so many of you have said that it’s much less bitter. Fingers crossed!

8. The NHL playoffs are taking years off of my life, per usual. Rooting for my Penguins, of course, and for Vegas in the west!

9. New show we started watching – Bosch on Amazon Prime. It’s a bit of a dark detective show (do we watch any other kind? ha!) set in LA, based on crime novels by Michael Connelly. We’re a handful of episodes into the first season and enjoying it so far.

10. TGIF! I hope you have an incredibly happy weekend with people you love!