1. Isabelle had her four-month checkup last week and she is basically perfection. She’s growing wonderfully (80th percentile height and 50th for weight), sleeping like a champ (minus a little 4-month regression hiccups a week or two ago) and is just basically the happiest, most relaxed baby. I can’t stop kissing her little cheeks!

2. Last Friday, the boys helped me in the kitchen making bagel dough and chocolate chip cookies. I’m loving that Dominic enjoys helping now, as well, though he really just wanted to keep eating chocolate chips… “Mommy, more!”. A boy after my own heart :)

3. Do you remember all of the complaining I did about how we were all sick CONSTANTLY over the last year? Like, every three to four weeks, like clockwork. It would start with Joseph and trickle down to the rest of us. Well, I realized last week that NONE of us have been sick since… *drumroll*… Joseph finished school in May. I guess we have a definitive culprit. Unfortunately school starts back up in a few weeks, so I’ll just enjoy these last few germ-free weeks of summer.

4. My husband and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary this week! It seems like just yesterday, as well as a million years ago, that we had our toes in the sand, saying “I do” and celebrating with pizza, champagne, and a Publix chocolate cake. I would not have changed a thing about how we did it; it was so perfect for us. Five years later, two houses, three kids, three different dogs (we still miss you, Einstein), and a supremely happy life. We are blessed, for sure.

5. I received a lot of questions from readers about where I got the suits that Joseph and Dominic wore for Isabelle’s baptism. They are from Janie and Jack (pants/jacket/shirt/ties/shoes), and I bought them for my cousin’s wedding back in May, so bonus that we got two wears out of them! I also bought this dress for Isabelle to wear back at home after the baptism so the vintage christening gown didn’t get ruined, but failed to actually get a picture of her in it (she looked like such a doll!) because after changing her and giving her a bottle, she proceeded to take a 3-hour nap and miss her entire party, ha! Janie and Jack IS super pricey, for sure, but I save them for special occasions (Christmas, Easter, and weddings are basically it).

6. We’re on the cusp of football season and the ever-popular Hissy Fit Dip is already trending. One of my favorites; make sure it’s on your game day menus!

7. My husband found this article a couple of weeks ago and it’s a great read (for men and women both!) >> How to Make Small Talk

8. I’m working some wonderful new tweaks to the website and want to make it easy to find the recipes that you’re looking for. When you use the recipe index (do you use the recipe index? ha!), do you like just having very broad categories, or are more specific categories/subcategories helpful? I’d love your feedback!

9. We started a new show this week thanks to some of your recommendations – Justified. We like it, although so far not as much as we liked Longmire, but it’s still a good one we’re enjoying!

10. TGIF! Hope you have some great weekend plans with a good friend :)