1. I have come across multiple articles on Facebook about kids’ first day of kindergarten, it’s the last summer they’ll be this little, etc. and they are BRUTAL. As in, I cannot read them without getting teary-eyed. We are still two full years away from kindergarten, but I think reading those articles, it just hit me… there will be a day (in the not too distant future) when THIS isn’t our normal. When we won’t all be home together, building with blocks, going for walks, blowing bubbles, coloring, eating snacks, etc.

Yes, Joseph goes to preschool now, and I loved watching how much he loved it last year (and maybe full-time school will be the same for me?), but it’s only a few days, for a few hours. Not EVERY day, ALL day. I just keep thinking, I hope I make these days count, not let them slip by without making the most of them. Gah, such a bittersweet time.

2. Dominic has been talking SO MUCH! He’s been saying a lot of words forever (much more of a talker than Joseph was at his age!), but has recently started piecing them together into little phrases and it is just the most adorable thing. I love seeing all the bits and pieces of his personality start to come out :)

3. I’m getting ready to start on Thanksgiving content and recipes. What do you want to see? Desserts? Sides? Planning info? Leave your requests below!

4. Talk to me about the Apple watch… who has one? Do you like it? Do you LOVE it? My husband has a Samsung smart watch (he’s an Android guy), and I swear nearly every person I see now is wearing an Apple watch, and I’m wondering if it’s actually useful? Like, what do you use it for?

5. I’ve been eating mostly Paleo/low carb/low sugar for my everyday eating the last few weeks, but I’ve been really striking out on the greens I buy for my salads. The prepackaged mixes in the clamshell containers have been all sorts of off smelling right out of the gate. What are your favorite types of greens to buy for salads?

6. My Italian wedding soup recipe has been going bananas for the last couple of days… are we officially on the cusp of soup season?!

7. Loving all of these kids lunch ideas!

8. It’s fantasy football time again, and our draft is next week! I don’t pay nearly as much attention to football as I used to when we first started our league a whopping NINE years ago, but it still gets my competitive juices flowing!

9. We rarely have enough time in the evenings to watch a movie, but we did finally watch Dr. Strange a couple of weeks ago. We both enjoyed it much more than we thought we would (and we’re huge Benedict Cumberbatch fans). We’re itching to see the new Mission Impossible in the theater… have you seen it yet? Any good?

10. TGIF! Maybe your weekend will include a new friend or two :)