1. So, you know that big snowstorm we were supposed to get last Saturday? The one that caused us to postpone Joseph’s birthday party to this weekend? We got… NOT A FLAKE OF SNOW. I was… not thrilled. But! We had a fun day at home, Joseph spent the day in his pajamas, he had a big cookie with a candle in it, and he got some fun new toys that he enjoyed playing with, so all was not lost :)

2. I love, love, love this picture my husband snapped of Dominic and I at the breakfast table, I just adore his sweet giggle.

3. I’ve learned that parenting a third child looks vastly different than parenting the first. I’m much more relaxed and, sometimes, when your 9-month-old refuses the puffs and banana you’ve given her and repeatedly lunges at your bowl of chili… well, you give her chili for lunch. Which totally reminds me of the 80’s movie, Mr. Mom, lol! (And no, there were no *ahem* awful repercussions.)

4. I cannot get on board with the short shirt trend. I just cannot. Give me shirts that come down to my hips all day, everyday.

5. Have you seen all the hubbub online about how people write the letter “x”? Honestly, I um, didn’t realize there was more than one way? I guess I thought everyone wrote it the same way? HA! (That’s my type A talking.) For the record, I’m a #7, and then I went and raided Joseph’s book that teaches how to write letters to see how they illustrated it, aaaaaaaand it’s #7. So now I feel validated in my x-writing.

6. I am absolutely obsessed with the Instagram account Ain’t Too Proud To Meg – she makes AMAZING cheese boards and dessert boards that I could just stare at all day long.

7. Loved this read >> 10 Morning Habits of Super Successful Women. I’ve been trying to do #1 (wake up early) this month and it feels SO GOOD when I can actually make it happen. Basically since Joseph was born, the kids have been my alarm clock. When wee little babes, they could wake up as early as 5:45am, but now everyone is on a pretty good schedule and they sleep until close to 7:00 most mornings. So, I’ve been setting my alarm for 6:00am so I can just get up and get myself dressed and ready before they wake up. Sometimes I snooze after the alarm goes off, but if I can actually do it (especially on mornings where we have somewhere to go – school drop-off, a lesson, etc.) my entire mindset for the day is completely different. I’m so much more relaxed and not frazzled in the least.

8. The AFC and NFC Championship games last Sunday were CRAZY! Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl? Rams all the way here!

9. I saw that King Arthur Flour is now offering Baking Boxes – sort of like a meal delivery service, but for dessert! It would be such a nice idea for someone who enjoys baking or has a New Year’s resolution to bake more.

10. TGIF! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!