1. Joseph and Dominic have been playing together so much lately, and I just adore it. They make up games, have little conversations (for instance, when we pick Joseph up from school on Fridays, Joseph always asks Dominic if he had fun swimming, and Dominic asks Joseph about school), and seem a bit more attached in general. I was thinking the other day how when Dominic was born, he had a built-in best friend by default, and it just made my heart so happy.

2. Isabelle isn’t letting any grass grow under her feet and now that she’s crawling quickly, she wants to be wherever her brothers are. She has also arrived at knocks-the-baby-monitor-off-the-crib-onto-the-floor months old. We moved it over to her bookshelf out of her reach (and yes, her crib has been lowered for some time now), but I miss getting a close-up view of her sweet little face while she’s sleeping, womp womp.

3. I always get a kick out of these (even though I am a bit on the old side for some of the ones in this bunch!), makes me feel so nostalgic >> 31 Memes for 90s Kids

4. I recently downloaded the Adobe Lightroom CC mobile app (it’s free) and have been editing my iPhone photos with it… I am IN LOVE. Best editor I’ve found yet.

5. The place where the boys take their swim lessons has a little snack counter that includes quarter candy. I always grab a couple little packs of Smarties for myself when the boys get their snacks (I’ve loved those tart little candies forever!). HOWEVER, can we please discuss how there is an odd number of Smarties in every single pack? I realize this because my type A neurotic self eats them in twos and then I get to the end… and there’s only one. I realize this makes me sound ridiculously insane, but it drives me nuts!

6. Totally pining over this adorable hoodie.

7. Who all made the chocolate souffle for Valentine’s Day? I’m loving seeing everyone’s creations pop up in my inbox, on Instagram, and in the FB group! I am so digging these monthly bake-alongs with you!

8. Am I the only person who did not watch the Grammys on Sunday? Literally not at all interested in award shows.

9. We haven’t started binging any new shows, but we have been super into watching Love It or List It. Love the transformations, and we always guess whether the people are going to stay or move; such a fun show.

10. TGIF! I hope you have a cozy weekend!