1. Both of the boys absolutely love Isabelle and are always trying to make her laugh, but Dominic especially is just so incredibly doting on her, and it melts my heart. It may be due to the closeness in age (they’re only 18 months apart), but they play and giggle together non-stop, and Dominic is always saying, “I love my Belle Belle… I love my sister… I love you, Isabelley” and giving her hugs, kisses, squeezes, and trying to find something for her to play with if she’s fussy. I just adore watching him with her :)

2. Isabelle took her turn at the allergist this week. While she hasn’t shown any signs of allergies, we wanted to have her tested for all nuts just to be on the safe side because of Joseph’s allergies, and she tested negative to all of them. Phew! (She was also amazingly happy during the drive there and back and throughout the appointment, even though it was her nap time, could not have possibly asked for a better appointment.)

Dominic will have his turn in a few weeks… he’s already tested negative to peanuts and eats all of the nuts that Joseph can have (almonds, walnuts, pecans, and hazelnuts) without an issue, so it’s really just checking on the tree nuts that Joseph is highly allergic to that we don’t keep in the house (pistachios and cashews). Fingers crossed.

3. Up until recently, Joseph still called for us in the morning even though he’s in a regular bed and can get out on his own. A couple of weeks ago, he started getting up on his own and coming into our room and he has been SO HAPPY in the mornings. He’s so proud of himself and feels like such a big boy. I try to get up earlier than everyone else and get myself dressed for the day, and the last few days Joseph has been up early and sneaks into our bedroom, then appears in our bathroom while I’m washing my face or brushing my teeth. He hangs out with me while I get ready and I absolutely adore this time with him in the morning. It’s quiet, everyone else is asleep, and he just chats away. It reminds me of being about Joseph’s age (my mom tells me I was also an early riser), and sitting on the bathroom counter while my dad was shaving and my mom and sister were still sleeping. He always let me take the brush loaded up with shaving cream and rub it all over his face :)

4. So excited to try the pizza dough recipe from Flour Water Salt Yeast – has anyone tried it?

5. All the feels from this story, and now I totally plan to do it with my kids (please remind me!) –> Dad Interviews His Daughter On Her First Day of School for 13 Years

6. Summer calls for an ice cream cake to live in your freezer all day, everyday.

7. Love this, can’t imagine how much more joyful our days would be if we could live in the moment like our kids!

8. Did you see this moment at the French Open? Love.

9. Joseph finished up his summer camp at school yesterday, so our summer is looking free and clear, wahoo! So many fun things I’m excited to do with the kids like strawberry and blueberry picking, the zoo/aquarium, and spur of the moment fun. What are you most looking forward to doing this summer? What’s on your bucket list?

10. TGIF! Just adore these two bookends :)