1. Oh hello, Joseph has suddenly turned into a teenager.

2. Dominic had his school “breakthrough” this week! Both days that he went, there were no tears and he was happy and excited to be there. It took until the fourth week of school, but it makes my heart so happy to know HE’S happy and content :) And I just melt when he’s snuggled up under his blankets at bedtime.

3. I feel like my children got exponentially clingier as we went along, as in Joseph would happily go to grandparents, aunts, uncles, whoever, etc… Dominic took awhile and clung to me much tighter… and Isabelle. Hoo boy, if I could have someone drop change in a jar every time that girl says, “Mama” or cries when I put her down or leave the room, I could retire in no time. While it’s exhausting, I do love that my babies love and want their mommy :)

Also, Dominic’s photobomb of this picture is everything:

4. My kind of diet:

5. My gosh, could not stop the tears on this one >> The Nights Are So Long

6. I feel like it’s prime season for whipping up a batch of Jewish apple cake.

7. I had to Google “hyggee” this week because I saw it in multiple places and had NO idea what it meant. I am so not cool.

8. Can you believe Christmas stuff is popping up on Pinterest already?! Show of hands – who has started Christmas shopping? I WISH I were that on top of things!

9. This week we watched The Spy on Netflix and enjoyed it. Realized at the end it was based on a true story, and who knew Sacha Baron Cohen could do a serious role?!

10. TGIF! Someone has a 3rd birthday coming up next week! (Actually, we’ll be celebrating TWO 3rd birthdays in our house next week ;-))