1. Dominic had pajama day at school this week and he totally lived his best life. Also, kudos to my husband who got him ready for school (Joseph and I were out the door at the crack of dawn for a long doctor’s appointment – see #3 below) – his hair looked outstanding and way better than when I do it 😄

2. Isabelle appears ready to hit the links ;-)

3. A couple of months ago, I shared some details about Joseph undergoing oral immunotherapy (OIT) for his peanut allergy. He’s still tolerating it exceptionally well, with no bumps in the road yet, and is up to eating almost half of a peanut every day. We took another step past Tuesday, as it was our introduction day for cashew treatment. That meant 5 hours at the doctor’s office with Joseph receiving 10 increasing doses of diluted cashew protein. He got through all ten without any reactions, so we are off and running on cashews! He’ll now eat his peanut and take his cashew protein every single day. It’s definitely a process and not without stress, but the thought of him having total food freedom in potentially less than a year is so mindblowing and we are so incredibly grateful to have this option.

(We enjoyed some side-by-side color-by-number to pass some time 😍)

4. Did you celebrate Fat Tuesday this week? If so, I’d love to hear what kind of eats you indulged in! We didn’t go too crazy; since it was a long day at the doctor for Joseph and me, we settled on Chick-fil-A for dinner ;-)

5. Can we talk about Rosti? The traditional potato dish? My husband sent me a recipe he saw online and in reading up, it seems like there are tons of variations both in preparation and in serving. If you make this, or your family has made this, share your favorite way to make it in the comments below! Thank you :)

6. I made my favorite chicken noodle soup AGAIN last night, which makes five big pots of that soup in the last month. My husband and Joseph, especially, can’t get enough of it, but Dominic and Isabelle will eat it, too! Perfect for a super chilly day or if someone is under the weather, plus it comes together really quickly – definitely weeknight doable (in fact, I think those are the only nights I’ve made it!).

7. THANK YOU to whoever recommended Clean Mama when I was talking about cleaning routines awhile back. I filed it away in the back of my mind and then really started checking it out a few weeks ago. I adore her schedules and cleaning tips; it makes approaching housework so much easier. Highly recommend if you’re looking to get some sort of routine established or just appreciate cleaning tips.

8. The March Bake-Along will be going live on Tuesday, so keep an eye out for it! You’re going to LOVE this one! So many of you made the flourless chocolate cake this month and loved it. THANK YOU for baking along with me, it is so much fun to see all of your creations!

9. A “two chip” Levain Bakery cookie? I just may have to place an order to try those bad boys!

10. TGIF! Life’s a little better with a friend to rest a head on every now and then, right?