1. One night before dinner, the boys were on the floor with paper and markers and, as I found out, they were writing love notes to girls in their respective classes. To be clear, Joseph was doing it and then Dominic wanted to do it, too and was asking Joseph to help him. It was so sweet, and also, I’m in serious trouble 😂🤦‍♀️

2. Isabelle will be TWO one month from today. How is that even possible?! This little spitfire is talking in multiple word phrases, never wants to be left out, and is absolutely adorable when she pushes hair out of her face and then says: “Mommy! Hair up!”

3. Nothing better than when these kids love on their pups :)

4. I recently discovered The Modern Proper and my goodness do they make gorgeous food! I’ve saved nearly everything I’ve seen on their Instagram feed.

5. If I lived in Buffalo, I would give this pizza place ALL of my business >> Local pizzaeria puts shelter dogs on pizza boxes to help them get adopted

6. Craving cheeseburgers but still too cold to fire up the grill? I LOVE these cast iron skillet cheeseburgers; don’t forget the burger sauce!

7. Am I the only person who puts approximately one-third of a bag of croutons on a single salad? Maaaaaaaybe one fourth. Anyone? Just me? 😬

8. I’m sure you’ve seen all of the memes along the lines of “being an adult is just saying “after this week things will slow down a bit” over and over again until you die”… and I just kind of laughed at it before, but MAN, I feel like I have been living this for the last six months.

9. And on that note, this really spoke to me >> There’s No Such Thing as “Quality” Time … especially loving embracing “the moments between the moments” ❤️️

10. TGIF! I love a good fireside furry snuggle :)