1. Trying to soak up as many cuddles as this crew will throw my way!

2. Dominic and Isabelle are completely joined at the hip right now and it is just so insanely adorable. Dominic is so kind to her, never retaliates against her sometimes toddler angst, and is so proud to be her big brother. And if she isn’t already playing with him, she’s looking for him, calling for him, and wanting to be wherever he is. I hope they always have this special connection.

3. I can’t believe that tomorrow is AUGUST and that Joseph will be starting kindergarten in less than a month. Although at this point, we still don’t know what that’s going to look like (schools and districts are changing plans by the day here, so it’s wait and see), but ahhh it’s just so surreal that he is already old enough for kindergarten, it feels like just yesterday I was rocking him to sleep and having him fall asleep in my lap while reading to him ❤️️ (Also, he’s wearing my husband’s old vintage Mickey Mouse shirt!)

4. Love this reminder to slow down (the many browser tabs open really spoke to me, ha!) >> Let Each Task Fill Up Your World

5. There have been days upon days of 90-degree weather here coupled with high humidity and I am officially DONE with summer. I am a diehard fall freak anyway, but this summer really pushed me over the limit. Bring on the 65-degree days!

6. Did you make the sticky buns from October’s bake-along challenge? They’ve been super popular on the site for the last few weeks!

7. Who has good recommendations for at-home workouts? We usually take a big family walk with the dogs every morning and we have a treadmill if I want to do extra cardio, but I’m looking for something that might help with toning. I’ve seen so many mentioned by friends – Beach Body, Pure Barre, Peloton (just the app for workouts, not the bike or treadmill), Kira Stokes, some workouts on Instagram that just use resistance bands, etc. If you use something that you love, please share!

8. I got this endless possibilities tank top in a few different colors and it is SO awesome – super lightweight, breezy, and flattering.

9. If you’re stuck trying to figure out your next show to watch, this is a pretty long list with both older shows and new ones, as well >> What to Stream if You Feel Like You’ve Watched Everything

10. TGIF! I hope you have a relaxing weekend!