1. Hello, Joseph is apparently now 20 years old all of a sudden. He has also outgrown ALL of his fall/winter clothes from last year with the exception of about three shirts; I better get shopping before the weather cools off!

2. I saw a picture from the first day of preschool last year and can’t believe how much Dominic’s face has changed! He looks so much older! And he totally wow’ed the doctor at his eye checkup this week by reading the letters instead of the pictures 💙

3. Up until now, Isabelle has gotten a ride in the stroller during our daily walks, but this week she started asking to walk on her own. It’s a much slower-paced walk, but she loves it so much, and it’s so awesome to see the wonder she finds in the simplest things 💖

4. We will be doing online school for at least the first quarter of the year; anyone else?!

5. One of the best things to come of this pandemic summer? I think I’ve gotten more sunshine and fresh air than any other summer in years!

6. If you’re looking for a refreshing no-bake dessert, give this no-bake mint chocolate chip pie a try!

7. What are some of your go-to items from Costco? A friend and I text each other new favorite finds and we’ve each found new favorites this way – what are some of your favorite buys?

8. I’ve mentioned it before, but Graeters is my all-time very favorite ice cream; a few weeks ago I ordered a 6-pack of pints and some ice cream cookie sandwiches. Their black raspberry chocolate chip and salted caramel chocolate chip are to do for!

9. What are you currently watching? We’ve been doing a string of crime documentaries; haven’t found a new series to binge yet.

10. TGIF! Duke says hello!