1. My trio of racing fanatics ❤️️

2. Joseph and Dominic both had virtual “meet and greets” with their teachers this week to get ready for school. Joseph’s teacher did an assessment, which was supposed to happen at school in the spring, but needless to say, that was canceled. He was so happy; that boy loves learning and is so excited to start kindergarten. It’s our last weekend before school starts!

3. Although Isabelle has been our most “stereotypical” (AHEM) 2-year-old, I am so going to miss this age. So full of snuggles, excitement, wonder, and sweetness 💖

4. I recently started playing around with Airtable for organizing lists and some work stuff. Have you used it? If so, tell me your favorite ways to use it!

5. Talk to me about Fresh Thyme… Do any of you shop there? There was one put in not too far from us a while back but I never made it there in person; I just noticed I can order from there through Instacart. I was browsing and it looks like a lot of the same stuff that Whole Foods carries. If you’ve shopped there, do you like it? Any recommendations? I’m thinking of trying it for next week’s grocery order.

6. It’s September! Is comfort food on your menu yet? My chicken and dumplings recipe saw a huge surge this past week!

7. I received The Little Lunchbox Cookbook this week and it is full of such amazing ideas for making creative lunches! Since we are starting school online, I don’t have to pack lunches yet, but I’m definitely keeping this handy for when I do!

8. In case you missed it earlier this week, the September BEB Bake-Along recipe went live! We’re going savory this month with a classic – Quiche Lorraine! I hope you’ll bake along with me!

9. We started watching the new Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix this week. We love true crime documentaries, but I hate that the crimes aren’t actually solved!

10. TGIF! Have a restful weekend!