1. We had the first day of school this week! It seemed like foreverrrrr since the boys had been in school and while we are starting the year remotely, they were so excited to start. Joseph has just been so thrilled to be learning again and in a pseudo classroom environment. I’ve been so impressed with the technology and integration with the online students, and needless to say, teachers are seriously amazingggggg 🙌

2. Dominic only has a snippet of class on Zoom, and then we have some crafts and activities to do at home. He made a rainbow fish this week and was SO proud of it ❤️️

3. Isabelle desperately wants to “go school too”… soon enough, baby girl, but for now you get extra snuggles 💖

4. It is beyond comprehension how Joseph can actually be in kindergarten. I mean, he was just a giggle little baby a hot minute ago, but I was surprised at how not overly weepy I was at this milestone; he was SO excited the night before the first day that it was infectious and I felt so much joy and excitement for him. Granted, as I said, we are doing school remotely this quarter, so I may feel totally different the first time he actually gets dropped off! 😉

5. This post was written from a mom to her daughters, but I feel like it is so appropriate for all of us, no matter where we are in life.

6. Yesssss to all of this >> 8 Outdated Rules for Healthy Eating

7. A long, but good read >> If You’re Too Busy for These 5 Things…

8. I can still remember watching the Challenger disaster sitting on the floor in my grandma’s living room, so I am incredibly intrigued by the Netflix documentary coming out next week.

9. We’ve started watching Victoria on Amazon Prime… since we love The Crown so much, we figured we’d like it, and we do! Very good so far, love that it’s the story of Queen Elizabeth’s great-great-grandmother.

10. TGIF! Buddy time!