1. The other side of that door is our powder room, and this is a perfect depiction of what it’s like to try to go to the bathroom in our house 🤣

2. Nearly anytime my husband or I take a picture of something, Isabelle immediately asks to see it… and 90% of the time she looks and then says (no matter what it is), “Awww, dat’s boo-tee-ful” ❤️️

3. Joseph lost two teeth in less than 48 hours this week! 😲 The tooth fairy was very busy! My car-obsessed 5-year-old is trying to figure out how many more teeth he needs to lose to have enough money to buy parts to build a Porsche 911 🤔😬

4. Dominic and I spent a ton of time outside together last Sunday and he enjoyed every single minute of the rare one-on-one time ❤️️

5. Did you score any great deals on Amazon for Prime Day? I totally forgot about it!

6. This is a long read, but I really enjoyed this piece about Ina Garten >> Barefoot in Quarantine… I’ve adored her since I started watching cooking shows in my early 20’s!

7. It was Canadian Thanksgiving this past Monday, and my traditional bread stuffing got lots of love! A super classic version of stuffing that is perfect for holiday dinners.

8. So disappointed in Pennsylvania! >> The Most Popular Halloween Candies in Every State

9. We finished up watching The Three Musketeers, now we’re searching for something new to watch once again! Any recommendations?

10. TGIF! Queen of the couch 😍