1. A belated Happy Thanksgiving from our little turkeys! I hope you had a joyful day, even though things are different this year.

2. Now that Joseph is in school full-time, I have a whole new appreciation for no school days. The days off over Thanksgiving were so blissful and relaxing! While we’re doing school online and don’t need to rush out the door in the morning, the days are obviously full and busy, so it was a nice break :)

3. We got a (very unexpected) foot of snow this week! The forecast called for 2-4 inches but it just kept snowing and snowing all day. By the next morning, we had a solid foot! I love a good snowfall!

4. Unfortunately, we found out this week that since it’s now possible for kids to do school online, snow days are basically a thing of the past, which is so sad! I remember being young, waking up to the sound of a snow plow scraping the road, and being pretty certain that meant at least a delay, if not a cancellation. A whole new world now, apparently.

5. However, Dominic and Isabelle took full advantage of the snow and could not have been happier to play out there, throwing snow and building a snowman. We came in and had hot chocolate, and it was a really, really fun day ❤️️

6. I have bananas on my counter that might be destined for banana bread. What do you like in your banana bread? Nuts, chocolate chips, etc.?

7. This is so crazy!

8. Did you score any good Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals? I picked up a few things but nothing spectacular. Gap did have 50% off, which I used to stock up on leggings for Isabelle!

9. Someone in a FB group I’m in asked for people’s must-buys at Costco. Even though I shop there nearly exclusively, I discovered tons of new-to-me things in the comments. I thought I would do the same here – share your favorites from Costco in the comments below! Since so many of us are shopping via Instacart and not roaming the aisles, I thought this would be a fun way to discover some new products!

10. TGIF! I hope you have a cozy weekend!