1. On most mornings, these two take themselves downstairs, fill up water bottles, and take out a game to play. I love their little routine and finding them playing (mostly!) so nicely when I come down the steps. It totally warms my heart.

2. I think Dominic picked up the term “your majesty” from watching Mr. Rogers and he now uses it in hilarious ways but says “THE” instead of “your”. For instance, I’ll call to him from another room, “Dominic!” and he’ll answer, “Yes, the majesty?” Or I’ll ask him to do something and he replies, “Okay the majesty!” I seriously die every single time 🤣

3. We had a little glimpse of warm weather this week and we all enjoyed getting out to enjoy it!

4. Thank you so much to everyone who recommended The Modern Mrs. Darcy to me last week! I did a huge deep dive into her site and reading lists and came up with a list of books to read for the year. I doubt I’ll get through all of them, but just having a little plan feels good. I’m starting with Unbroken because it has literally been sitting on a shelf in our office for 7 years, then next in line is The Four Winds

5. The caption of this Katharine Hepburn photo inspires me to be a better person.

6. If you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this weekend or next week, these Guinness, Jameson & Baileys cupcakes are a long-time reader favorite!

7. I found an unopened container of Trader Joe’s Cucumber Avocado Body Butter in one of my bathroom drawers and started using it last week. As soon as I opened it, the smell hit me and I was immediately transported back to middle school and early high school days when all of the girls smelled like cucumber melon or Sunflowers (and most of the boys smelled like Cool Water, ha!).

8. A great read for anyone who spends any amount of time online >> 12 Rules for Navigating the Internet Intentionally

9. I totally didn’t even realize that we change the clocks already this weekend until I heard Dominic’s preschool teacher telling the class during calendar time yesterday. Let the crazy kid sleeping atrocities commence 😭

10. TGIF! These two are truly one in the same soul; it’s no wonder they were born less than 24 hours apart 😍