1. Joseph has been staying up reading in his bed this past week. My husband and I went up one night to chat with him and he was reading my husband’s old Sesame Street Library books. He read a recipe for Cookie Monster’s alphabet cookies and giggled and belly laughed so hard, it was seriously a highlight of our parenting life. I love how much he’s loving reading, and there is nothing better than hearing a great big, hearty giggle ❤️️

2. Isabelle has started wanting to draw things when the boys do and seeing her concentrate on her lines and squiggles is the sweetest sight. (And just so you don’t think it’s all sunshine and rainbows around here all the time, I totally had to scrub dry erase marker out of our carpet this week 🤦‍♀️)

3. Dominic will be finished with school next week and my goodness, I can’t believe we’re already at the end of the year! Joseph still has another month or so, but it really flew by. We were so unsure of how virtual learning would go but really could not have been more pleased with how things turned out for both of the boys. They learned so much and we got some extra family time with them this year ❤️️

4. My friend Jessica of How Sweet Eats comes out with her third cookbook next week, Everyday Dinners!

5. I bought a case of Dr. Pepper with Cream Soda last weekend and IT IS SO GOOD!

6. I’m always amazed at how popular the peanut butter fudge recipe is year-round! Do you make fudge other times of the year outside of the holidays?

7. Did anyone else watch The OC when it originally aired back in the early to mid-2000s? I was just out of college and absolutely LOVED the show! I just saw that two of the stars of the show are doing a podcast where they rewatch episodes and talk about them, sort of like The Office Ladies podcast.

8. Does anyone have any new favorite Costco finds? I haven’t tried anything new in a while!

9. We finished season 3 of Yellowstone last weekend and I am totally going through Dutton family withdrawal. Seriously one of the best shows we’ve watched recently and it sucked both of us in. Now counting down until season 4 (I heard June?) and trying to find something else!

10. TGIF! Joseph and Isabelle thought Duke would like to be read to one day after lunch 😍