1. Perfect swinging weather!

2. Joseph did a basketball camp this week and had a lot of fun! He learned a lot in a short period of time and was excited to practice his dribbling each day in the driveway :)

3. Made maybe my best peach pie yet!

4. Thank you for all of the suggestions last week on prescription goggles! I ordered a pair this week; hopefully, Dominic will notice an improvement when he’s in the pool 😊

5. I got to meet my cousin’s baby for the first time last Friday and oh those little newborn snuggles are so sweet! 💓

6. I recently discovered that Walmart sells large-size bottles of Chick-fil-A sauce. That, paired with the Just Bare chicken chunks from Costco, makes a fantastic replica meal! Now I just need Chick-fil-A to sell frozen bags of their waffle fries 😉

7. Speaking of Costco, I went yesterday for the first time since last February. I was expecting to be thrilled to wander the aisles in person, BUT… it was crowded and I realized that I do not miss crowded grocery stores and eating up a big chunk of my time shopping.

8. Which Olympics sports are you most excited to watch? Swimming, diving, and gymnastics for me!

9. We powered through the rest of season 3 of Goliath and about halfway through it switched back to being excellent; the season finale may have been the best episode of the entire series! Looking forward to a season 4 at some point.

10. TGIF! Judith vs stuffed kitty staring contest…